Palomarin is a technical architecture consulting firm founded by Matthew Malinowski in 2015. We are dedicated to delivering world-class services to mission-driven organizations and businesses.

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We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, providing expert technical architecture services that you can trust.

A Selected Client Testimonial

Dorot Foundation

I have rarely worked with a service provider in whom I've had as much confidence as Matt Malinowski. I worked with Matt for nearly two years on a substantial series of projects and throughout, Matt provided more than just his technical expertise, which is considerable; what made Matt stand apart from his peers was his complete care for us as clients. His ability to understand what we, as end-users, were after; his dedication to finding creative and cost-effective strategies; and his capacity to relate to and effectively communicate technical details to a team of clients, each with different levels of computer literacy, made the experience not just a complete success, but a surprisingly enjoyable one, as well.

Steven Jacobson, Vice President: Strategy and Dorot Fellowship Director

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